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Harold wanted a better life. He wanted a life that would free him from the shackles of his mundane existence. He wanted freedom, love, and a life that made his soul soar high. But how could he obtain those things? The surprising solution lay in an antique pen Harold purchased. At first, he thought it would just write down his thoughts, but he soon discovered it had a mind of its own. The pen took over, forcing Harold to write what it wanted, in a beautiful curly script in a language he didn’t understand. Soon he found himself writing—and actually time traveling to experience first hand—the thousand-year-old story of the Bedouin Al-Hamid Akbar, a man who rose from being a street urchin and a thief to becoming a sultan esteemed by all. Al-Hamid’s life was one filled with excitement, including escape from slavery, facing crocodiles on the Nile, battles with Bedouin tribes, and finding the love of his life. But most importantly, his life provided Harold with solutions to change his own.


Getting It Done: First you have to get your mind set managed, then apply a simple template for the TODO list every goal has. This audio describes this process that you can apply to achieving your goals.

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Top Five Insights : This audio has topics that you may find of some help:

  1. How To Increase Your Personal Value
  2. How To Change Your Behavior
  3. You Might Be A Perfectionist
  4. Why You should Share Your Message
  5. How to Mend A Relationship

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Podcast episode cover artFailure Is No Reason To Quit

When you are faced with flop after flop or failure after failure, don’t get discouraged. Think of it as a lesson to be learned that maybe, there is another way. If you keep going, you will succeed.