The Pen, Sultan’s Wisdom

Set in 1920s Edinburgh, The Pen is not only a great adventure story, but it a blend of fiction and personal development book. Dennis Galloway takes readers on a journey to discover ancient wisdom that can transfigure our current lives, and we won’t even need to buy a magical pen to make those positive changes happen.

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Rebel Justice: Civil War Ends..Justice Begins

Rebel Justice is a story that takes place just after the ending of one of the bloodiest wars in American history, the Civil War. The story follows a Confederate soldier who returns home, only to find it destroyed and his beautiful wife dead. He vows to track down and kill the man who took her life. Follow him as he travels through the old West. Getting arrested to be hung, struggling to survive in the desert, shootouts with smoking guns, riding the Chisolm trail and more… all while seeking the killer to exact his justice.

The Green King

Scotti, the small traveling frog encounters a huge green bullfrog, King of his pond. This adventure is a battle of wits for survival against all odds for Scotti. Will he survive ? Read The Green King and find out !